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Published on May 15, 2008 By Gideon MacLeish In Misc

I just finished with my last final of the semester. And the news is good, although I won't know for certain HOW good until next week.

In Business Management, Business Communications, and Network Security, I received "A" grades. In the first two courses, that's an accomplishment, because the instructor does not liberally hand out high grades.

In Marketing and Accounting, I received a "B". In Marketing, I was points away from an "A", but the "B" should still keep my average in good shape. In Accounting, the instructor surprised us with an open book final, which I aced. My grade beforehand was a "B", and my final grade will depend on how much weight the instructor gives the final, as well as if she offers "grace" for any of the bad scores (some profs throw out the one or two worst scores...I've got a couple in there that could bring my grade up if they're canned).

The only class where I am not certain of my grade is Programming. My code works, though, so I should receive a letter somewhere in the upper 13th of the alphabet. In my self evaluation, I said I felt I earned a "B", so we'll see how the instructor feels.

Assuming that my Programming grade is a "B" or better, though, I can do no worse than a 3.5 average for the semester. Since my cumulative average is 3.63 (including transfer credits), it will not sway my average much. And as of today, I am 37 credits short of my Bachelor's.

To top it all off, I just received my copies of Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) Desktop and Server editions, so I'll be playing with those until midnight, when I'll take the oldest two to go see Prince Caspian with the free movie passes I received at work (the wife and I go tomorrow). Time to relax for the summer.

on May 15, 2008
I know you are relieved! Celebrate tonight!

Then back to work.
on May 15, 2008
Then back to work.

Nah, no summer classes.

I'm going to self study for Linux + (read: PLAY!), so "Back to work" wouldn't be the proper way of putting it!