The journey from there to here

The state of Texas reported a few weeks ago that two of the children seized in the raid of the FLDS ranch were pregnant and about to give birth. Now, they are admitting that one of the young ladies was of age.

The woman, Pamela Jeffs, it turns out, is 18. And the article goes on to say that the other young woman also may be 18.

The question, then, is what did Texas officials know and when did they know it? If these women lied about their ages to obstruct, then there's really not much that can be said. But if they were aware that these women were 18 and they held them without due process, it may undermine the entire case.

I want to believe that Texas authorities acted in the best of faith in their actions towards the FLDS ranch. And, honestly, unless solid proof is given to the contrary, I will continue to believe that. But if they broke the law in the enforcement of the law, then here's hoping they're held accountable for their actions.

on May 14, 2008
I want to believe that Texas authorities acted in the best of faith in their actions towards the FLDS ranch.

From everything that has been reported so far, this appears to be a case of the ends justifying the means. I hoep it turns out differently, but my cynicism tells me it is not, and just another example of the abuse of the state against the citizens.

There are 2 possible outcomes. One is that this will be hailed as a model and we will lose more rights to the repressive state. The other is that it will set back the real issue of child abuse to the point that laws will be made impotent to guard against future abuses. The government does not know how to do things in moderation, they either swing to one extreme or the other. Sadly, it is the citizens that lose in both cases.
on May 14, 2008

The girls themselves may not have known their true age, since most of the kids don't have birth certificates. I'm with you though, Texas has to be very careful to make sure they honor the Constitutional rights of the kids and the members of the FLDS.   This case could go down as a great example of American Justice, or just another black mark on the record.  The Texas officials are the only ones who can make sure it turns out well.