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Poor strategy cost her dearly
Published on May 11, 2008 By Gideon MacLeish In Democrat

As the news of Hillary Clinton's defeat rolls off the wire (it may, for the record, be greatly exaggerated -- see later in the article), it's fair to say that she has noone to blame but herself for her downfall.

See, Hillary made the tremendously fatal mistake of playing the experience card. Right now as the peasants are lining up with pitchforks at the White House gates, experience is the last thing they want to see in a Presidential candidate. They want to at least hold on to the illusion that their candidate is a political outsider, even if they're anything but (although they're not willing to ditch their party affiliation to do it), and they're enamored with the idea that Obama is only a couple of short years removed from the Illinois State House.

Hillary actually had the resume to portray herself as an outsider, but it seems she was ill advised by advisors who wanted her to play up her experience as a leader with a long resume. They were banking basically on the war to save her campaign, when public sentiment appears to be strongly against the war.

Obama, on the other hand, played his charisma to the hilt. He survived a rather nasty stream of attacks (and, in the process, Hillary and company gave McCain the ammo he needs to pretend to hold the high ground while still undermining Obama's credibility), but as recent votes indicated, charisma trumps fact any day of the week.

Still, I'm not among those foolish enough to "stick a fork" in Hillary. In fact, I have to acknowledge that the MSM's coronation of Obama may work against them. By portraying the primaries as won, they may bring Hillary's supporters out in drove in the remaining primaries while encouraging Obama's supporters to stay home. And because the current numbers are based on the superdelegate count, which is subject to change, if Hillary sweeps the remaining primaries, some of Obama's team may jump ship with their uncommitted votes.

While I'm not exactly enthused by the prospect of a Hillary presidency, the fact is, if she happens to pull off the unthinkable and make it, we'll get through it as we've gotten through everything else. And while Hillary isn't the lesser of two evils, being the equal of three evils (the other two being, umm, Obama and McCain), she's as good, unfortunately, as we're likely to get given the choices we have, unless a third party candidate (Mike Gravel, anyone? Anyone?) pulle off the even more unthinkable.

But if the Hillary ship is sunk, when she looks back, she should blame noone but herself for the defeat.

on May 11, 2008

She misspoke.

Not that that's all, but she can't be trusted!

on May 12, 2008
I disagree. Most of the populace still want someone they can trust with their finger on the button. However the democrat base has gone loony and are looking to hang anyone with any connection to the establishment. Hillary ran for the presidency before she ran for the nomination, and that is what killed her.

That being said, while the "devil you know" may be better than the devil you dont, I dont want her anywhere near that button. Obama is a darker shade of McGovern, but at this point, he is preferable to Hillary. The funny thing is he would not even be a serious contender if it was anyone BUT Hillary.
on May 13, 2008
charisma trumps fact any day of the week.

Except McCain will have neither charisma or facts on his side.
on Jun 17, 2008

I lost respect for Hillary after she went around praising McCain. That was a huge mistake on her part.