The journey from there to here
Published on May 5, 2008 By Gideon MacLeish In Current Events

Last weekend, I went back to the college where I finished up in December for graduation. It came on top of a long week, which meant that I was thoroughly and utterly exhausted by week's end. Add to that an extremely uncomfortable bunk in the trailer we stayed in and I was happy to get back home. We rolled in late Friday night instead of waiting for Saturday (besides, it was parade day up here on Saturday!).

We've got one full week of classes left, then finals next week. I've got two group projects to do, a strategic marketing plan, final debugging on my programming and one other accounting exam on top of the finals, then I'm done. But the end is most definitely in sight.

I pretty much have the fall semester squared away, and it looks like I should have things in line for spring. The goal is to finish my degree next May, and it's shaping up to look possible. This has been a great semester, and I'm hoping the remainder of my studies go as well.

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