The journey from there to here
Published on April 29, 2008 By Gideon MacLeish In Humor

Gideon records is proud to announce the release of the latest single from their new group, Run OMC. Run OMc is composed of Senators McCain, Clinton, and Obama, who although they are fierce opponents, basically sing the same song. Here are the lyrics to their new single, "Vote This Way":


OBAMA’s Part

There's a independent voter
That's really got my motor
Runnin’ till Election Day,
Said “Yo’ Momma, I be votin’ for Obama
cuz Oprah wants to see it that way!
Now they be talkin’ bout my pastor, and that’s always a disaster
as far as I could reminice
And I hate the rural voter, and every gun toter
So wontcha give me just a little bliss, like this

She start swingin' with the girls in school
and her nose stuck up in the air
singin hey diddle diddle if they call me in the middle,
of the night, well you just won’t care care
so I made a big ruckus when I won every caucus
with a lady who was ready to play
it was the voters she was foolin’
but she knew what she was doin
when she told you how to vote this way, she told you to

vote this way, talk this way (x2)
she told me to
vote this way, talk this way (x2)
just give me a this


school boy sleezy with a classy kinda sassy
Well they say he used to pray to Allah
There were disenfranchised voters from the home of General Motors
And a place called Florida
I was a big time lawyer spent some time as first lady
till Bill told me something I’d missed
there wasn’t nothin’ I could do,
‘cuz I want an intern, too
Who will gimme just a little kiss, like this


I’m gonna win it ‘cuz I ain’t no fool
and I have a lot of wealthy friends
I spent several years
In a Viet Cong prison
Now I’m a spokesman for Depends
Bush never gave me a chance each time I came to the dance
He always pushed me out of the way
So I showed some class
When I kicked Huck’s (bleep!)
And I’ll tell you how to vote this way, I’ll tell you to



on Apr 30, 2008
So where is the Wav file?