The journey from there to here
Published on April 22, 2008 By Gideon MacLeish In Current Events

As the semester is winding down (and tax season is past) we've gotten back a few more of our papers, and while I'm still not sure what I've gotten in Management or Marketing, I was pleased to see my Accounting grade is looking good. REAL good when you consider the struggles I've had with it.

On the "comprehensive problem" (the one I sweated over when I discovered an 11th hour error), I received 74 out of a possible 75 points. Looks like there was value in sweating that one out. On the last major test, I pulled a 97, bringing my grade up to 89%. Now, it's going to drop a little because of another big problem (try as I might I could not get the totals to balance), but that shouldn't be lower than a "C", so if I hit the books hard on the last two major tests, an "A" is actually within range. And I intend to hit the books quite hard on the last two tests.

I'm not planning on entering the accounting field, mind you, but it does give me confidence for next fall's accounting class, which I will be taking online while I commute to classes (big job opportunity and all that). I'm laying off the summer classes to self study for my Linux+ certification (I'll get credit for that one once I pass the cert, but it's not a course this college offers), and I will be working to CLEP College Algebra. I'm not worried about Biology, my other science, as I can take that at the local junior college (I still have hours available to transfer from a 2 year school). It will mean I have to pay that class out of pocket, but that shouldn't be a huge problem.

Fall will mean working until noon on Mondays, then jetting off to school. I have one class that couldn't be worked out to just Mondays, and I will be attempting to do all my work on Monday for the week (there's a three hour gap between the two Monday classes). The other two classes are online, and my accounting instructor will be available on those days.

I'm officially 37 hours short of my degree once the semester ends. Not too bad, by my estimation.

on Apr 22, 2008
Accounting's a piece of cake, man. Can't get a balance? Find that error! It's in there somewhere. If it's divisible by 2, you've got a credit that's a debit or vice versa. If it's divisible by 9, transposition error. Check each individual entry - you can quick-check most entries - the numbers match up or don't. It doesn't take that much time, especially if you check every big entry as you go (most of the bigger entries have a plug number anyway).

Let me know if you need any help with accounting, I tutored it for a couple years to all different majors, and accounting majors.
on Apr 23, 2008
If it's divisible by 9,

Spoken like a true advocate!

Actually, entry level accounting is good to have both in a professional sense, and in private life. As Jythier points out, you learn some tricks, and the basics help with budget planning as well.

Good luck. For most of us, it is watching paint dry (accounting). At least Jythier makes it interesting to read about.
on Apr 23, 2008

Trust me, jythier. I spent three or four HOURS on the one problem trying to find the problem and finally had to turn it in four days LATE because I couldn't find it. Accounting may be easy for you, but as for me, I'll be glad when I get my two semesters OVER with!

I should be able to pull through this semester (and will still do everything I can to get that elusive "A"), but I may drop you a line next semester.

on Apr 23, 2008
I don't see why they wouldn't let you have someone look over your work. I know in the real world, at least 3 people check everything I do.