The journey from there to here
Published on April 16, 2008 By Gideon MacLeish In Misc

Well, as of today, there is exactly one month left until the last day of finals. And immediately afterwards, I will start on a *new* job ("new" in the responsibilities of the position, not in the people I will be working with). It will be a management position, so I get to torture my underlings with all of my newly acquired information from Business Management. Hey, I had to suffer in my's THEIR TURN now! (LOL!)

I'm doing better than I had hoped in Accounting. I'm sitting two percentage points below a "B" average, so a strong showing on the last two exams plus homework and I should pull a pretty good grade considering the difficulty of the course. Business Management, Marketing, and Business Communication I'm not worried about. I should pull straight A's in those courses. Network Security should be a "B" at minimum (although if I can find the funds to take and pass my Security+ cert before the semester ends I get an automatic "A". Not crossing my fingers on THAT one, though!). PHP programming depends on how well I can do at debugging the last two chapters this weekend. We have one more chapter to do this semester, so if I can put everything togethr I should get an "A" there as well.

We found out we'll be on the late side of the tax rebate checks, which will cramp us up a bit through May. The truck needs a new radiator and intake manifold gasket, and we're going to be living in two locations for the summer and possibly through fall (I'm trying to work out courses online and by arrangement so that I can stay at the new job). It'll be loads of fun, but we'll swing it. For sanity's sake, I am taking no summer courses. I need a break.

But after finals are through and I head home, the positive news is, I'll officially be a senior. I am working on some interesting projects (I'll update here if it pans out), but it's nice to know I'm coming in on the homestretch. I'll be attending my 20 year reunion this summer, and it's exciting to have a four year degree so close.

on Apr 17, 2008
When I was majoring in Math, we always looked down on the accounting majors as failed mathmeticians.

Actually, after taking a few courses in that area, I had a new found respect. Anyone that can sit through those boring subjects was after something! I just could not see myself doing it for a career (although I am glad I at least got the understanding of the subjects).

Programming was great in that I did get to use my higher level math (as early programming was all about code optimization to minimize memory usage). But when they went to 3rd and 4th (and now 5th ) level languages, it became another accounting job.