The journey from there to here
Published on January 4, 2008 By Gideon MacLeish In Current Events

In about 8 1/2 hours, I will walk out of this office for good. I will unload my truck, head home, and we will load it once again and head up to a new house, new college, and Monday, to a new job.

It's a process I've undergone many, many times in my life. Although most of my other moves have been somewhat more tumultuous, I have to say, orchestrating a "smooth" move isn't any easier. We've had the school squared away for two months, the job squared away for one month, and the house squared away for two weeks. A week and a half ago, we got the electric turned on, and this past Monday, we had the water turned on and set up our PO Box. We've moved up the major appliances and furniture, as well as some clothing and food, so we're not moving into an empty house (although we still have a LOT of work to be done at that end).

But it's the idea of CHANGE that's hardest. I'm a creature of habit. When I walk into one of my (regular, of course) favorite restaurants, the wait staff can usually predict what I'm going to order. The styles of clothing I wear, the way I walk, the way I write...all predictable. I eventually adapt to any environment, but I get far too comfortable with the status quo sometimes, so shaking things up is a good thing.

Oddly enough, I'm also a spontaneous person. But see, spontaneity is a temporary thing. If we go to a music festival, we're back to the same old same old at the end of the week. If we road trip out to Amarillo, the same applies.

I've given myself the weekend to "settle in". I'll need it. I need to get the right feel of things before starting the new job.

I hate change!

on Jan 04, 2008
Good luck in your new abode, and your new opportunities.  man as a species does hate change, but that seems to be the one constant in their short life.
on Jan 04, 2008
Here's to settling in and feeling like you've been there forever.
on Jan 04, 2008
When did you plan to notify the people you are renting from now that you was moving from your house? The last they know was that you was going to live between the two places. I am happy for you and families chance to grow and better yourselves. I just don't understand why you have chosen to do the people you are renting from now wrong. They are elderly and have never been anything but good to you. I feel that the least you owe them is to let them know that you are moving or have moved. You have written many blogs about people not treating you fairly but yet you will turn around and treat someone else that has done nothing but try to help you out unfairly.
on Jan 04, 2008
You have written many blogs about people not treating you fairly but yet you will turn around and treat someone else that has done nothing but try to help you out unfairly.

The original plan was to live between the two, it wasn't until we discovered that I had underestimated the cost of gasoline for moving badly, and that it was going to be less practical than I had hoped to do so. This wound up being literally over the last two weeks.

You're right, and I can't argue with that, but there were reasons we were going to attempt to live in both places. I'll see if I can hunt your email down to discuss it privately.
on Jan 04, 2008
My email is The big deal about all this is that because it is so cold in the winter if you move and they don't know the pipes could freeze and bust. That would be a big deal to clean up and a big cost that they can not afford. They are on a fixed income and have had some added expenses here lately that was unexpected. One of which is they now have a daughter with no job living with them to support. They also have add stress here lately that was unexpected, their grandson is in the hospital with spin meningitis. i just don't want them to be under anymore stress then they have to be. The only thing that I take issue with is that you have not called them and told them your plans. You know that he would be only kind and supportive of you. He understands that a man has to do what is best for his family. I don't have a problem with you, but if you think about it you would understand me being upset with how things are going down. I love my parents and don't want them done wrong just like you love your family and don't want them done wrong. I hope you can understand where I am coming from.
on Jan 04, 2008
hope you can understand where I am coming from.

I do, Tojuana, and I know you don't have a problem. Your family has been great to us. I sent out an email and will follow with a letter to C.
on Jan 04, 2008
Good luck with the move. Truth be told I enjoy moving- personally speaking, it's therapeutic to go through all the stuff that's accumulated over the last X amount of time and realize... "hey... alot of this is junk!" which then gets given away, garage saled and if all else fails then thrown away. Feels good- like a reptile shedding it's skin in anticipation for something new to come!
on Jan 04, 2008
Whoops... I meant to email you before you moved... the procrastination bug bit me, too!

on Jan 04, 2008
Good luck with the move from me too! Moving is always difficult no matter how much you plan! I was going to write an article about change too, so when I do hope you don't mind me referring to yours!
on Jan 21, 2008

You disgust me.  How dare you call yourself a 'parent'?  No parent I know would raise their children in such abject poverty and utter filth - and don't give me the 'it got that way when we were movng out' crap because bathtubs don't get THAT filthy without having not been cleaned for YEARS.  That's YEARS worth of filth, and you let your children live in it.

You're not an activist.  You're not making a stand against CPS because of the 'constitution'; you won't let them in your house because you live like fucking pigs. 

I'm going to find out where you're living, and when I do, I'm calling CPS.  I'm going to make sure they see the photographic evidence of the home you were living in (with no toilet, I might add) AND the stuff you've written on this blog.  I want them to be aware of your little repetoire of tricks so they can shut you down the first time they come out.  Your children deserve a chance at a healthy, decent life in a clean home with food and heating - in other words, free from you and your filth.

You really should be ashamed of yourself.

on Jan 22, 2008
You're not an activist. You're not making a stand against CPS because of the 'constitution'; you won't let them in your house because you live like fucking pigs.

Dharma that is an insult to pigs.