The journey from there to here
Published on September 14, 2007 By Gideon MacLeish In Misc

Another song from the GidMac songbook:

The Ballad of a Dime

The Beggar he sat on the streetcorner
Where they were sellin' apples for a dime
He reached inside of his empty pockets
But he didn't have a thin little dime

He walked up to a businessman
Dressed in a suit so fine
He asked if he could spare some money
But he wouldn't spare a thin little dime

He walked inside the churchhouse door
Where the preacher was sayin' his lines
When they passed the plate, he feared he wouldn't get to heaven
All for the want of a thin little dime

The rich man he died one fine morning
And he went to the gates so fine
But they kicked him on over to the other side
All for the greed for a thin little dime

He looked and saw the beggar in heaven
Drinking the fruit of the vine
He said, "I thirst, now my dear brother,
Won't you give me some of that wine?"

And then a voice came down from heaven
Saying "You shall have none of this wine
When you was on earth you didn't care for your brother
You sold out your soul for a thin little dime".

Copyright 2007 Timothy Justice

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