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Thanks to a little vanity surfing, I found this comment to one of my posts from one of our most prominent trolls:

You louse, can picking drinking idiot obviously the energy you used in collecting cans for cash- "peanuts"- could have been used to make a lot more money, so why did you choose can picking?

I didn't want to COMPLETELY hijack LW's thread on this obviously completely misinformed post. The situations that led to our crisis were something I discussed in my blogs. My wife went into labor 2 weeks early and my boss laid me off 2 weeks after my son was born because of the time I took off to take care of my wife's medical needs. Because my boss was a woman of considerable influence in the community, she saw to it that nobody, not even McDonald's, would hire me in the community! I spent much of the time not spent job hunting collecting cans to pay for gas and other expenses.

Flash forward 8 months: I STILL can't get a "regular" job, and gave up looking. Now I have concentrated my efforts on my paper route, various odd jobs, and, yes, can collecting. My thought is, those cans represent money free for the hauling, so why not take them and do something good for the environment in the meantime?

But what really pissed me off was the "drinking idiot" part. I will not go into a lengthy discussion of my IQ; suffice it to say it is high enough that I am reasonably certain it exceeds that of the individual who called me an "idiot"; and more to the point, I am NOT a drinker! While I may have the occasional beer, that is one vice our budget currently does not allow.

If the comments from this troll continue, I will begin reevaluating whether to confine comments to registered users. After all,registration costs nothing!

on May 09, 2005
I disable unregistered comments by default now. Seems as of late I've attracted a few trolls who just post garbage to my blog if I leave it open. So instead of going through and deleting them, I just head them off at the pass.

I'm becoming much more proactive about who I allow into my blog.
on May 09, 2005
Oh I hear you!!

When we first moved here to Wisconsin, it was for a job with a local Ambulance service. Because of our housing situation in Idaho, we were basically forced to all move together, instead of me moving out here first, then after my "probation" period and licensing reciprocity was completed, move my wife and kids out here.

Well, the worst happened, because of reciprocity problems (most because I have lived in 11 states), I wasn't able to get my Wisconsin license soon enough, so they had to let me go.

There we were, 1,000 miles from anyone we had known for more than a few weeks, no job, and no contacts to use to get another one and I hadn't worked long enough to qualify for unemployment. So, I started going to a Day Labor place and hooked up with the local plasma center. I even hooked up with my Guard unit's recruiters to work with them at the fair to earn some extra money....

When I showed up to the armory for my first day with the recruiters, I learned how brain dead my new 1st SGT was. One of the recruiters and I were talking about my situation when we past the 1st SGT in the hall. He knew my situation. He looked at me and said, "SGT ParaTedk, what are you wasting your time here for, you should be out looking for a real job!" Yeah, thanks for the support Top!

The joke was on him though. While I worked the recruiting tent at the fair, I started talking with the EMTs covering it. By the end of the fair, I had a Paramedic job secured. One that paid better and had much better benefits than the one for which I moved out here.

Don't let ingorant boobs get you down. Opportunities are what you notice while you are taking care of your family and yourself.
on May 09, 2005
I'm just wondering why it's anyone's business or concern how you support your family. If they are well cared for and you're not doing anything illegal (and in your case, you're actually doing something that benefits your community!), what difference does it make? More power to you, Gideon, for being resourceful and doing what you feel is best for your family.
on May 09, 2005
the poverty shouldn't be comfortable one...I had to go back a ways to see it.
on May 09, 2005
Don't let ingorant boobs get you down. Opportunities are what you notice while you are taking care of your family and yourself.

Ted's right Gid. It's hard not to go chafing at the bit when you see ignorant people like these trying to make you look bad. Taking care of your family is exactly what you're doing! Kudos to you!

So, I started going to a Day Labor place and hooked up with the local plasma center.

My husband had to do this when we first got here and long story short, we lost a lot making the move here, financially and literally, but thank god I had the job I came here for. Unfortunately he didn't. And it was a lot longer before he finally got work. So at some point or another, most people have been this way at one point in their lives. It's nothing to be ashamed of and I refuse to accept any lables cast by those who don't know any better.
on May 10, 2005
Day labor was an option in Vegas...but it cost me $20 gas money to drive over the mountain and make $45-60 a day BEFORE expenses. And as for plasma, Vegas is NOT a city where you want to go to the plams clinics, trust me!
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