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Published on December 4, 2004 By Gideon MacLeish In Blogging

Now, I don't know exactly what's been going on in my part time absence, and, frankly, I don't want to know, though this article will likely draw it like flies to dung!

I DO know, however, the wonderful nature of some of my fellow bloggers, as they have proven themselves to be true friends to myself and my family. And I can't help but notice that some of those bloggers are the target of the latest round of JU crap! And it ticks me off.

We all have differences of opinion, mature adults learn to bear with each other's differences, not use them as a springboard for personal attacks. I was raised to respect diversity, and I have tried hard to do so over the years, even though occasionally my opinion comes through. I have had differences with many people on here, but usually, those differences have been resolved through a little communication.

To those who would use JU as their personal battleground, shame on you! You have shown a decided lack of class, and your bile has spilled over into real life for many people. You should be truly ashamed of yourselves, but it's apparent that a conscience is lacking among you.

I will remain on JU, but it is more than somewhat disheartening not to see blogs from those I have come to know, love, and respect because you've shouted them down and caused them to scale back their blogs or stop blogging entirely.

Granted, as Brad points out, this sort of thing comes and goes in waves. But it doesn't make it any less idiotic when it does happen.

In short, certain joeusers need to grow up!



on Dec 04, 2004
on Dec 04, 2004
I never know who people are talking about . No one tells me anything.... can you be specific Gideon? PLEASE
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